About Us
Gerson & Horowitz is a family owned firm founded in 1955 in the Diamond District of New York City. The firm is managed today by 3rd generation Diamantaire’s, Larry Horowitz. Traditionally, our focus has been the direct import of larger loose diamonds for resale in the wholesale markets of the United States. Our primary inventory has always been on diamonds of 2 carats and larger. In addition, we have been involved in the manufacture of exquisite diamond jewelry. In 1994, we broadened our focus to include “Natural Fancy Colored” diamonds. Pinks, Blues, Yellows and Oranges, which have become very popular in the marketplace. Diamond is the only gemstone that comes in EVERY color of the rainbow.

We utilize three generations of knowledge and a flawless reputation in the diamond industry to meet the demands of an ever changing and growing market.

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